Is an R&D workshop for medical Minimal Invasive instruments combined with miniature cameras,

our Field of expertise covers catheters & stents and Life saving technologies

MDD engineering process included all aspects of NPI process like, SOW, CAD design, optics, combine of electro-optics and mechanics.

Our experienced team can undertake prototyping of complex optics and medical devices, as well as supporting product introduction.

At our facilities in Yokneam, Israel, we will design your project according to accepted industry project development processes.

Minimal Invasive Extra long & slime Coloscopy delivery system.

Invasive Surgical Kit for key hole Surgical manipulations.

Ergonomic Design of Surgical 3D printed serial handle for Per-clinic, Clinical trails.

Emergency Navigating catheter design for smart intubation for airway opening.

Artificial Grass leave baler

Artificial grass leave baler robot prototype

A tailor made optics Radiometer design, Fabrication & Assembly.